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Our wines are special

Years of dedication and years of testing just to make the best wine

Our wines are special and you can see that with each taste. They are made to be the best, they are special from the start and there are no similar wines out there. We know this and we have been investing a huge period of time, effort and money to make sure this is possible and this will happen to you. Taste one wine we have and you will see what we are referring to.

Each bottle is made to meet the highest expectations regardless of the fact where it is served. If you drink our wine in the best restaurant in the United States or anywhere else, you will see the same taste and the same results. This is just a small part of our story and this is something we are proud on.

Our wines are a gift

Our wines cannot be compared to ordinary wines. They are special and the best.

Meet the team

Amanda Willis,


This is a woman who made all of this possible by opening the vineyard back in 2000. Thanks to her, you have the best wines.

Brice Gres,


This is a man who is leading the company and who is making sure that we all can achieve the best expectations and best wines for all clients.