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Best Wines For You And Your Friends

Picknic with friend

Lamusgana wines are aged and refined

We are here for more than 20 years

We have been with you for 20 years and we have been offering amazing wines that are special, delicious and appealing.

We love to serve you

We are passionate about wine and we love it. We love the smell, the taste and the feeling of drinking it.

Best wines

2000 White passion

Our most popular wine that has been exported to all corners of the globe and is truly special.

2001 Red passion

Red wine that you must try. It has a special taste and isn’t something you can find easily. Check it out.

2003 dark crystal

The wine that is extremely powerful, strong and comes with smell that is like no other. There are no exceptions here.

2010 White crystal

Another white wine that is present in elite restaurants all across the globe. It is amazing and delicious at the same time.

100% organic

All our wines and our products are organic. We never use artificial chemicals or anything similar.

‘’The best wines I have ever tested and used in my restaurants. They are truly amazing.’’ Mark Willis
barrels of wine
tractor machine during harvest
wine and cheese

Years of experience

We have experience and we have been working on perfecting our craft for decades. Now, we are special in what we do and we can make sure that you get the best wine every single time, among many other perks.



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